Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in GOD's sight.

1 Peter 3:3-4

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Long time, no write

Hello bloggers!! Miss me? I haven’t written on here forever!! Sorry about that. I finally found myself at my computer today, not knowing where to start… So I’ll try to make this easy to read but it could be totally random and all over the place!

Hoover Schmaltz Wedding

My aunt Kris got married!!!! And guess who was the photographer.. Yep, that’d be me! I was so happy when she first asked me I actually thought it was by mistake! Haha It was so much fun and I hope to do another soon!!


Here is a preview but I can’t give you anymore yet because she hasn’t gotten the pictures yet!! It was in beautiful Arizona in early November.

Eight? Really??

Also in November my lovely sister turned 8! I cannot believe how much she has grown… Its crazy!!!

For her party she got to go rock climbing at a local gym with some of her girlies…

Isn’t that fun? The gym had this at the entrance for everybody to see! It was so cute and she felt so special!!

She has lately been into peace signs and all of that hippie stuff… So for her birthday mom made cupcakes that had three layers (blue, yellow and red) then drew a piece sign on top. Once we got to the gym I set them up in a peace formation. It was so cute!

1 Year Anniversary

This is an anniversary I have mixed emotions about. If you have not been reading this blog before/during the end of December than you most likely have no idea what I am going to write about. Well lucky for you I wrote about the whole thing in a school story not to long ago…

It was a Saturday night in December I remember clearly. We were having a movie night at my mom’s house enjoying life. Everything on our minds just went away and we smiled, laughed and enjoyed the quality family time. My mom is a busy person. She’s always getting phone calls and emails. Her phone rang but she just dismissed it. Once our movie was over we just kind of sat there and started to fall asleep because the movie was long and it was late. My mom checked her phone to see who had called her. It was Chalsie, my Uncle Nick’s girlfriend. We all looked at each other with confused faces thinking, why would Chalsie be calling? So of course my mom listened to the voicemail but I just walked up to my room because I didn’t really care, it was probably just Nick calling off of her phone saying that he had lost his or somthing… And I thought that until I heard my mom crying. Right that moment I knew something bad had happened. Possibilities raced threw my head. I waited for her to get off the phone, me still in my room, and tell my step-dad, Bill, and my sister, London, what the news was. After she hung up and relaxed her body down she said some of the worst words that could ever come out of her mouth.

Nick had been working on the oil rigs and was wiping down the pipe with a rag as it was coming out of the ground. They weren’t trained on this; it was just something you did. While he was wiping it down it was still spinning out and caught on to his rag. This sent him spinning around in circles. Not to far away from where the pipe was, another pipe was sitting there. So every time he spun around, his legs hit the other pipe. He ended up breaking both of his legs completely, broke one arm, and cracked some ribs which caused internal bleeding. Once I heard this I instantly started crying and couldn’t stop. I started praying hard and sending txt messages asking my family and people from church to pray.

The next morning we gathered ourselves together and went to church. I cried at church when people comforted me and asked how my family and I were doing. Once church was over my mom just felt the need to drive to Bismarck, North Dakota, where Nick was, to be with him and her siblings. I called my dad and he let me go with. It was probably one of the worst drives ever. We were all tired from the low intake of sleep the night before, it was dark, and the drive took around seven hours. Once we got there we were instantly surrounded by family. We got to go into the room and see him. Right then I knew that this was going to be a long road to recovery. He stayed at the Bismarck hospital for a week but his injuries were too severe so they transported him to HCMC in Minneapolis which was an answered prayer within its self! To have him 15 minutes away from my house was amazing but I wasn’t sure what a toll this was going to take on my life.

I enjoyed being with Nick. Even though he didn’t really communicate for the first couple weeks other than if he was in pain, that didn’t matter to me, it was just sitting in the chair next to his bed and being thankful he was still with us. I loved watching him make progress!

First time walking in two months

To this day I still l admire him for all that he’s done. He got out of the hospital in February and has made it so far in life! His is now walking with a crutches and is a daddy. He still has to come down for Doctor visits a lot so we get to see him a ton which I love!

Elevating while waiting in the movie theater to watch “Moneyball” (I had just got my birthmark removed)

Some might complain about having to go to a hospital and sitting still for long periods of time, but I just smile and thank God I still have my uncle.

Corbin Graham- Nick’s very handsome, loving son!


We got an iPad at my dads house and my mom got one at her house too!! They are so fun! I love photo booth the most :)

Sometimes I wonder if I have a life or not…

40 something..

My dad had his birthday in November too!! He turned 43, 39!! :) We didn’t do much except we went to a bunch of Harley (Davidson Motorcycle) stores. I got a hat (I know, for my dads birthday I got a hat :P). Its super cute though!!

Tap tap zap!

I got a new phone!!

It’s a HTC Incredible (1). Its so fun!! I added a zap in the title because every time I type it vibrates. It’s pretty neat! I have internet on it so I can facebook 24/7 which is pretty nice… Also I love being able to set up my own slides. So what that means is when you take your finger from one side and drag it to the other, it goes to another slide and you see different things. So on my main page (which is like the one pictured) I have my clock thing, which is above, and a facebook thing where I can see peoples status without actually going into the app (so instead of those little things I have that covered with facebook. Then you can slide either way but it would take way to long to explain all of my apps and junk on all 5 pages.

I am in <3

God saw you getting tired and a cure was not to be, so He put His arms around you and whispered "Come to Me." With tearful eyes we watched you, and saw you pass away. Although we loved you dearly, we could not make you stay. A Golden Heart stopped beating, hard working hands at rest, God broke our hearts to prove to us He only takes the best.

When my grandma passed away in January all of her kids and her grandkids got a picture of her with a rainbow in the background and this saying. Isn’t it great?? I love it!

First snowfall prints

This week we had some snow. It wasn’t a lot but enough for some paws to make prints. I let Max go on the deck to discover snow a little bit more while I made lunch and came back to this and instantly thought, “where is my camera??”


Well that’s pretty much all I can put you guys threw so I hope you enjoyed and come back to join me threw my days of blogging!



  1. You, my sweet child, are too precious for words! I could have never imagined that you would become such an incredible human being.

  2. So glad your back, Sydney! :) I've been missing your posts! :)

  3. Mom- Thanks.

    Ali- You seriously just made my day!!!