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1 Peter 3:3-4

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nail Tutorial

If you are looking to find a way to paint your nails fun in a quick amount of time, I have the answer!! Just a pre warning, these pictures are kind of bad because I had to hold my huge camera with one hand.. Haha!


Start off with plain nails. I had just took of my polish to do this tutorial so that’s why its really rough looking…


Then I use a nail file and just clean them up a little. Shape them, trim them, etc. I hardly ever use a clippers to clip them because I do them like once a week and so they never get to long.. Haha.


This is the nail polishes I use in this one. You do not have to use all of them that I am, I’m just going to show you a few different things!! So first off, I'm going to paint mine black. I use Essie’s black and LOVE it! It works wonderfully! :) So just paint them all plain black for the back round.


You don’t have to use black I just do because I think it looks nice but use any color that you want it just cant be to BAM in your face… So once you have your nails dried like this, I use a skinny brush (you can just buy these at Target!) to do lines… I wish this picture would have focused right but it didn’t… :(


So hopefully you can see what I mean by skinny brush. Its just like a piece of string.. haha.

Here is a better picture from Google… So them just draw lines on your fingers how ever you want! And don’t make them all match because that kind of makes it boring and way more stressful that need be! Once you drew lines on your fingers and you are sure they are dry them you are going to do dots.


This is what I use but you can just use a normal toothpick! Take some nail polish (fun bright colors) and dump them on (what I use but pretty much anything will work) a index card. Just pour some out but not a ton! So take a sharp end (I use the right end) or the pick and dip it in one of the polish on the index card. Then plop it onto your nails all over. In the end it will look something like this…


and sense this is such a horrible picture I found another one that just shows you what it will look like.

So there you have it! I seriously love this look and I love how its not just one plain color too! Its fun! I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and I hope to do more in the future!!



The colors and what I did with them. Black- the base coat. Actually I use a different clear now (not the one pictured) by Sally Hansen and put that under the black because it will keep your nails from getting damaged or dark like how mine were in the beginning of this post. Skinny white and skinny silver, use ONE of these for the lines that you draw for the branches of the cherry blossom tree. Green, pink, and blue I dump for the dots. Clear, no longer in use.

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