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1 Peter 3:3-4

Thursday, October 27, 2011


So in my last post I said that I was sorry for not posting for like, a week!! Well here is the reason(s).

1. So Shelia’s cousin, Gerard, has cancer. He needs a caregiver after surgery's and chemo so his mom, Kathy, came down with him. They live in North Dakota so they left to come to our house in Minnesota last Tuesday (9 days ago). Once they got here Tuesday we went out for dinner, blah, blah, blah… Wednesday I went to my moms. Fast forward to about Monday. We found out that he was going to get a dose of chemo on Tuesday and they might get to go home Wednesday. Well come Tuesday, they got up bright and early to the hospital. After he got two doses they released him and told them that they could leave for home then. So after traffic pasted they left. It was kind of stressful because my dad’s house is kind of small, like its small but it works for me, dad, and Shelia. Anyhow it was kind of crapped with 5 people in a 3 people house..


Please pray for Gerard. His cancer has gotten very, very bad! Want to know how bad?  The doctor said that if the stuff they are doing now (which is everything they can),  if it doesn’t work, he will most likely, he will die before this coming spring. This is a very serious thing and I am begging you to pray for him! He is a very nice and caring person! He is only 20 and if he would die, he wouldn’t get to experience what most people would in life. One thing that is very inspiring to me though is that he is very positive!! When they were staying at our house we had lots of time to talk and hang. NEVER once did he say something in the words of that he was going to die and there is minimal time in his life. What he did talk about is going back to college, finding a wife, and making a family. I think that if I were in his position, I wouldn’t really know what to do but him, all he does is laugh! So again, if you could just pray for him, that would be SO wonderful!


2. NICK! If you have been reading this blog for a while now you will know my uncle Nick’s story. If not I attached a link to his name is caps above and you can click on that which will bring you to his Caring Bridge site. Well you could read this on the site too but this is what has been going on with him… This is last.

October 28th

Have you ever had to do a science experiment either for yourself or your children?  We've had a few in this house from crystallizing salt to a molten lava cake (definitely the tastiest). We left HCMC today feeling a little like Nick is now a science experiment.  Don't get me wrong, it appears to be very good news.  The plan just has many variables.

Today, we met with his orthopedic doctors.  His cast and stitches were removed and a visual exam was done.  He was given instructions to bear weight as tolerated on his right leg.  If you are wondering, yes, it is still broken.  This appears to be the experimental portion of the story.  His surgeon think that it could help break up scar tissue.  He also told Nick not to worry if he hears a crack...made me instantly nauseous!  We think that part of this opinion is that it can't get anymore broken than it already is.

Don't get me wrong.  We have the utmost faith in his medical team.  I certainly do not mean to sound like I think they are being flippant with their decisions regarding Nick's care.  I just think that there are so many unknowns in the medical world that there is a need for some experimenting.

Here is what the plan appears to be as of right now:  Nick will return for a follow up visit on Tuesday, November 1st.  At that time, he will meet with ortho and infectious disease.  He will have x-rays and blood work.  On October 31st, he will take his last dose of IV antibiotics.  He will need to have at least four weeks off that medication to ensure that the infection is gone.  They can not proceed with any further surgery until that has happened.  There are a few different options right now.  What seems to be the first on the list is a bone graft.  The bone will either come from Nicholas' pelvis or a cadaver.  The cadaver graft will be the least painful.  The doctor gave us some information about it today and it does appear to be the best option.  Another option is bone marrow injections.  Let me be clear, these are not choices that Nick will make.  They are decisions that the doctors will make once they view x-rays.  There is a possibility that they will not have to replace any hardware in his leg.  That is very exciting!

So, what do we know for certain?  Absolutely nothing!  It is definitely a matter of hurry up and wait.  It is hard to believe that we are only a month and a half away from the one year anniversary of this accident.  Just thinking about receiving that phone call from Chalsie brings tears to my eyes.  This past weekend at my church, we sang a song titled "Blink".  The lyrics of the song sum up how I feel about this life we've been given.  Life changes in the blink of an eye.  Treasure it!

A few people have been asking about Nick's personal life.  So we've decided to share a little information.  At the end of June, Nick and Chalsie's relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend ended.  However, they are doing a wonderful job in their relationship as Corbin's parents.  It has been sad for everyone involved.  I want to say a public thank you to Chalsie's family for all of the love and support given to my brother in the days, weeks and months following the accident.  We wish them all well!

Recently, Nick has began dating again.  His girlfriend's name is Heather.  She is a delightful young woman.  Over the past few days, I've witnessed her ability to care for Nick.  She has been kind and patient, while still not taking any grief from him.  Those of you who know Nick, and especially those of you who knew Darrell, will understand the teasing that can come from him.  It's nice to see the smile that she brings to his face.

The end of this chapter is that Nick will return to Grand Forks tomorrow.  Our sister Dawn and her family have been a tremendous help to him, even with things that may seem small to many but are a big deal to someone in need: like wrapping up an arm with a picc line so you can take a shower or putting together a gas grill (right Mandy?  =]).

We appreciate all of the kind thoughts, words and prayers.  Please keep 'em coming!  

Nick's Sis,




That was the last post my mom had put on the caring bridge site and that is all I know. Except now his surgery will be on November 7th (London’s birthday) instead of whatever date was posted above.

So as you have read, I have been very non-stop lately with life and I hope you forgive me for not posting. I have a couple fun things I can’t wait to post about so please join me for those posts.

Thanks for reading!

Sydney Smile


  1. aww, sad. i'll be praying for every one! :)

  2. Thanks Kiley!! It means alot! :) Love ya girl