Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in GOD's sight.

1 Peter 3:3-4

Friday, March 25, 2011

Questions- Answers

iOkay. I know I should probably wait for more questions but I really want to answer the ones so far. If you have more questions by all means ask! So far we have:

(these are the pics Suzanne requested of the brows)

She did not arch it this much, this is one of my 'hu' faces...

Sorry its blurry but this is it... Mandy or Andy mostly worked on the bottom area so it looked more normal...



How many siblings to you have? I have one half-sister named London, 7 years old and one step-brother, Jacob, 9 years old. I call London my sister though because well I have no real siblings and I see her practically every day!

What is your favorite hobby other than babysitting? Hm... I think my new found favorite hobby is photography! It is just so fun! Other than that I think design, if that is a hobby? I want to be an interior designer (design the insides of houses) when I 'grow-up' so redoing my rooms and adding stuff...

Do you have any babysitting tips? Hm... Pretty much just have fun! Ask the kids what they want to do and do that if the parents say its okay! Stick to the parents rules and (shhh!) I let the kids stay up like 10 minutes late if there good and its a Friday or something where if there in school, they wont be going. Some fun stuff to do it have dance parties where you turn on some tunes and just dance until you can dance anymore! The obvious coloring and play-doh is always fun! One of the new things I'm going to try doing is (after asking permission) bring my Rebel and take pictures of the kiddos! The kids I posted pictures of LOVE making up plays then presenting it to the audience (me) and honestly, I love watching them because little kids are so creative! Most of the time it's tuned to some fun music too :) I know I am a HUGE camera hog and what kid doesn't want a ton of attention! Before the parent(s) leave ask all the questions you need to! Once they leave, those kids are under your supervious and if something happens, you have to deal with it! Make sure you give the parents your number so if they will becoming home late they can notify you. Do NOT be on the phone while you are babysitting! Those kids are your priority right then! Unless you are expecting, dont let anyone in the house! I have had one time where someone came to the door and asked to see the owners, I just told them that I was the oldest child and that my mom was in the bathroom but that I could take a message. Do not be afraid to ask for identity! The safer, the better. Whatever you do, DO NOT TELL THE PERSON THAT YOU ARE THE BABYSITTER! That is just ASKING for trouble! Oh, movie nights are always fun! The 'picture' kids, every Friday when I babysit and the babes is asleep its a movie night! It's fun for me because the movies are usually a couple hours long so I estimate and hour and a half of cleaning and the other half an hour relaxing and watchin' the movie! Even the babysitters deserve a little down time :) I always clean the house as much as I can so it doesn't look like a tornado ran threw while they were gone...! Plus it shows the parents you care about there belongings! So over all, have fun, make it about the kids, stay safe and clean. Oh and PS, the parents will always say "Oh. dont stress if you dont get around to cleaning." Because the kids ARE your main priority but clean to be respectful! Hope I could help! If you have any questions I know you have my email or just comment right on here! Oh and as far as disapline, ask the parent but usually I do time out (minute for every year of age)... I do NOT spank unless that is the parents way.. But I still dont really!


What is your favorite candy? Hm... Im kinda on this whole gummy worm streak... Not bears! It has to be worms :) But I also have a huge love for Starbusts! I'll eat anything honestly but those are my too favorites! And M&M'S! PS: Your picture 'request' is at the top (I'm guessing you saw it. :)

Thank you ladies SO much for the questions! Like I was literally jumping up and down in my room when I looked at my page and saw I had to comments with questions! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!


  1. Thanks! Your babysitting "style" sounds just like mine. I clean the house too, but I know a TON of people who don't! Sounds like you have a lot of fun when you babysit! :)

  2. Hey Sydney,

    You should google 30 days in pictures. I have a friend doing that on her blog and somewhere there must be a list of what each day is about. It is really fun to read and see the pictures.


  3. Kristina- oooo! That sounds like fun!

    Olivia- I just don't understand how you can leave, not clean and not feel werid or bad about it!

  4. Sydney, great post :) haha i love the pics, i can see much better then on my phone.

  5. Haha! Thanks! My phone takes the worst pictures! and the picture from the other phone was takin quickly so i didnt acually look at it :)